Saturday, March 08, 2008

iPhone I lost my phone two days ago. That'll teach me for drinking three vodkas before dinner - then drinking a bottle of wine at dinner!

I survived an entire morning without my phone - which was very, VERY difficult - and couldn't take it any more so at lunchtime I bought an iPhone. After spending three hours on the phone trying to get it activated (Apparently my company doesn't like us using them for business), it's finally alive!

In a word - HOT. I love my phone. I wish my phone could get pregnant and have little baby iPhones. Except you phone is male. And also a phone ...and doesn't have a uterus.

OK...gotta go admire him some more. *touch touch touch*

Song of the Day: "New Soul" - Yael Naim

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Day in the Life here's how a normal New York day ends up for me.

6.30 am: Alarm goes off. Turn on TV to check the weather report.
6.32 am: Hang a bog. Check Facebook on my mobile phone. Poke everyone that poked me overnight (Hi Chris!). Shower.
6.45 am: Deodorize. Moisturize. Decide what to wear to work.
6.59 am: Kiss Matt goodbye and head out the door.
7.00 am: Step outside the apartment block and decide whether to take the subway (30 minutes door-to-door) or catch a cab (10 minutes door-to-door).
7.10 am: Arrive at work. Log on to Facebook. Poke everyone that has poked me in the last 38 minutes (Hi Chris!).
7.11 am-11.29 am: Work interspersed with Facebook poking and Scrabulous.
11.30 am: Order lunch from
11.31 am - 6.29 pm: Work interspersed with Facebook poking and Scrabulous.
6.30 pm: Head out the office. Decide whether to hit the gym or hit Happy Hour at [Insert name of gay bar here].
6.35 pm: Arrive at [Insert name of gay bar here]. Proceed to down Ketelone and Sodas at Happy Hour prices.
8.59 pm: Order another drink in the last minute of Happy Hour.
11.00 pm: Leave bar to make it to the corner of 28th and 6th before the McDonalds closes.
11.10 pm: Stagger into McDonalds to order 10 McNuggets meal. Try not to make racial slurs to the workers (Hi Loan!).
11.29 pm: Finish inhaling nuggets and fries at home. Ponder running down to McDonalds again to get more food one minute before it closes. Decide against that.
11.35 pm: Go up to the rooftop to have a cigarette and check whether anyone in the apartment block opposite is taking a shower with the blinds open. If yes, call Dan (if he's not already up there).
11.59 pm: Swear to self that I'm never drinking again.
Midnight: Sleep!

...rinse and repeat Mon - Thurs. :)

Song of the Day: "Butterfly" - Kylie Minogue

Monday, February 04, 2008

Hello? does anyone still swing by here anymore?

p.s. Happy Birthday Matty! I love you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

London-bound! Matty leaves for London tonight to spend two months in sunny (?) England visiting his family and eating scones at high tea. What is with 'high tea' anyway? It'd be ok if it meant you're high when you drink the tea. I just don't get why people pay like...over $70 USD for tea, scones and cold sandwiches. Someone explain this phenomenon!

Anyways...all you London people, take care of my Matt until I get there! For future reference, I'll be in London Sept 21 - 24 and October 12 - 14 for weekend jaunts. That's a funny word, "jaunt". I do enjoy those jaunts. Jolly jaunts. Jaunt jaunt jaunt. OK I'm over it (jaunt).

Have a safe trip Matt! Try and avoid getting a mohawk while you're there. :) I love you!

Song of the Day: "I'm Not That Girl" - Wicked soundtrack. I'm on a mission to get tickets to see 'Wicked' here on Broadway (without paying $300 a ticket for them).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Electric Youth I recently loaded up a new workout playlist to my iPod and it features hits of the 80's that I remember fondly. One of these hits is 'Electric Youth' by Debbie Gibson. To my surprise (or disgust), I remember ALL the dance moves from the video clip. In between sets I was doing the dance moves in my head.

This "talent" is not limited to Debbie Gibson songs. I can pretty much recall the dance steps from every Janet Jackson video clip in the Rhythm Nation to janet. ouevre, and Paula Abdul's 'Coldhearted' and 'Opposites Attract' clips.

FYI...the rest of my 80's workout play list goes like this:

  • "Borderline" - Madonna
  • "Been Around The World" - Lisa Stansfield
  • "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" - Jane Child
  • "Everything's Alright" - East 17
  • "If You Leave" - OMD
  • "Just Can't Get Enough" - Depeche Mode
  • "Water" - Martika
  • "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" - Whitney

Any other suggestions?

Song of the Day: "Electric Youth" - Debbie Gibson...zappin' it to ya...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New York State of Mind I know it's been a month since my last blog posting. What can I say? Everyone knows what I'm doing on Facebook anyway!

I've been in New York for 3 months and 5 days now - some random thoughts:
  • You can't walk a block without taking in a whiff of urine.
  • You can't walk a block without taking in a whiff of garbage.
  • You get used to the smell of urine and garbage.
  • I know I was never short of alcohol in Sydney, but the past three months have been ridiculously vicious to my poor, poor liver.
  • There's no such thing as a "quiet drink".
  • Living in Chelsea rocks. It's walking distance from Macy's, Union Square, the Meatpacking District and most of the bars and clubs we go to.
  • My definition of "walking distance" differs greatly from Americans. e.g. From our apartment to the Meatpacking District is the equivalent of walking from my old apartment in Pyrmont (*single tear*) into the city.
  • Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers are the friendliest people on Earth.
  • Not only are they friendly, but somehow you end up hanging out regularly after a chance five minute encounter.
  • Always tip the bartender big on the first round of drinks. The karma returns to you - usually in the form of shots.
  • I sound more Aussie the drunker I get.
  • Ironically, I've spoken more to my sister (who lives in Brisbane) living in NYC than when I lived in Sydney.
  • I miss BYO restaurants. It's never the cost of the food that kills you in this city, it's adding the cost of a bottle of wine, plus tax and tip. Suddenly dinner for two at the local Thai place costs $80 (when in Sydney it would've cost $30)
  • Matt has already seen Sarah Jessica Parker walking around the Meatpacking district.
  • My top 5 celebrity sighting goals in NYC are: Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Stiles, Jennifer Lopez, Heath Ledger and Spike Lee. Of those, I've only seen Spike Lee.
  • I'm absolutely loving it here.

Song of the Day: "Wait For You" - Elliott Yamin

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not-so Legally Blonde you know what I hate? When you do the bend-and-snap in front of the hot, new guy at work (who sits at the desk behind you) and he doesn't notice. Damn heterosexuals!

Song of the Day: "Because Of You" - Ne-Yo (No more Avril! WOOT!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 I just HAVE to post about this. Someone sent me what I can only assume is a birthday present, ordered from The only issue is - there was no gift card!

To the person who sent me the present - thanks! I owe you a drink. Reveal yourself! Please. :)

And why is blogger not letting me put in a title? RUDE. I'm titless. HAHAHA I mean, title-less.

Song of the Day: Still "Girlfriend" - Avril Lavigne. Damn earworm. I may have to give myself many, many papercuts just to distract my brain from that damn song.

Sunday, July 08, 2007 Blogger isn't letting me enter in a title for this post - weird. Anyways!

The title for this post WAS gonna be "32...and The End?" for the following reasons:
  • 32 'coz...I turned 32 on the weekend. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I totally felt the love from across the Pacific, across the Atlantic and here in the US. I had an absolute blast the entire weekend which was filled with LOTS of laughing, a few hundred litres of alcohol and surrounded by great friends - both old and new. If you're looking for pictures on here, I've posted them all on Facebook. If you're not on Facebook (what are you waiting for???), the link to the pics is here.
  • The End? 'coz...well I'm feeling like this blog is nearing the end of it's shelf life. *shrug* I'm blogging less often and I reckon I'll probably use Facebook to put my pics up and creative. Maybe I'm just being all 'meh' with post-birthday blues.

Song of the Day: "Girlfriend" - Avril Lavigne. That bloody song has been in my head ALL-THE-LIVE-LONG-DAY.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Questions since we've moved to New York, I've gotten a lot of questions from a whole bunch of people. Here's a sampling:

Q: How are you enjoying New York?
A: F&#*kin' loving it. I read a quote somewhere that living in New York " like making out with your biggest crush in high school and then thinking - Holy crap this is really happening". That's how I feel everyday.

Q: How did you and Matt and meet?
A: We met online via See, online dating DOES work! Some of my straight friends are only discovering this fact out. I used to tell people that we met shopping for lamps in Ikea - which, personally, I think is a more interesting story. :P

Q: How's your apartment?
A: Right now (until tomorrow! Woot!) we're living in the Financial District. For you Aussies, this is like living in North Sydney. Except take away all the interesting places to eat and drink and then throw in a million tourists every weekend. Oh, and also, take away all public transport options on the weekends to make it even more of a bitch to get around. Needless to say, Matt and I cannot wait to move to Chelsea tomorrow.

Q: Do you miss home?
A: This is a toughie. I miss my family and friends every day. Sometimes it aches - almost to the point of doubt - but mostly I'm having a great time. What's kinda cool is that the time difference between New York and Sydney make it great for drunk dialling!

Q: When are you joining Facebook?
A: I've joined bitches! Sheesh!

Q: What do you want for your birthday?
A: I *DID* want a messenger bag from Louis Vuitton but I have since bought one from Calvin Klein so instead...My list is: White and lime green boardshorts from Abercrombie and Fitch, A box of cupcakes from Magnolia, A case of sauvignon blanc, Bvlgari B.Zero ring, Voucher for liposuction, Brown dress shoes from Kenneth Cole, Dinner at Nobu 57 and uhhm... world peace. *smile and wave at the crowd while adjusting my 'Mr Australia' sash*

Q: When is your birthday?
A: July 8th.

Q: What are you planning for your birthday?
A: Drinks @ Bamboo 52. Drinks are free for the birthday celebrant so no guesses as to why I picked this place!

I'm sure there are more, but it's 10.16pm and Matt and I just came back from Zen Palate where we had tasty vegetarian food. Who knew there was such a thing?

Song of the Day: "Doesn't Really Matter" - Janet Jackson