Friday, December 22, 2006

Hot Half-Asian Men Riss tagged me with a post - somethin about 6 random things about yourself. Seeing as I don't feel like blogging about 6 random things about myself, I'm gonna change it to "Six Hot Half-Asian Men I Know". Much better!

Matt - my sexy boyfriend! Matt is half Chinese-Malaysian and half Australian...and all hot!

Jonny - my ex-workmate and ex-roomie. Jonny is half Chinese and half Irish. I keep trying to convince him that he should go gay but he never seems to listen to me.

Matt - my high school friend since 7th grade. Matt is half Singaporean and half Australian. People say that I started dating my Matt because he looks like high school Matt. This was not the case...*uncomfortable silence*

Joe - my workmate. Joe is half Japanese and half American. Joe took over the title of "Hottest guy at PeopleSoft" when Jonny left. One particular female friend likes him in glasses. Joe is also a DJ - not that I have a thing for hot half-asian guys who are djs...*more uncomfortable silence*

Kelan - friend from Hawaii who currently lives in San Francisco. Kelan is half Japanese and half American. Unfortunately he's also 10 years younger than me. Oh to be 21 again

Jerome - friend from university. Jerome is half Chinese and half Australian. He once stuck several marshmellows up his nose. He may have lost a couple of hot points after that. I don't have a good pic of Jerome so you'll just have to visualise him.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Song of the Day: "My Only Wish (This Year)" - Britney Spears. I love christmas songs!