Monday, January 15, 2007

The 100th! this is my 100th post! *fan fare* Not that that's newsworthy or anything. I've finally gotten around to posting pics from all the events of the past few weeks. Check out the links below when you have nothing to do at work:

Pre-Rhandy & Maria's Wedding - The stress and the release before the big day
Rhandy & Maria's Wedding - The Big Day. 'Nuff said.
Maria's 30th Birthday Dinner - Yum. The food AND Maria.

There ARE photos from the Bucks Day/Night (bachelor party for you Americans), BUT I have to filter them before posting them up. To uhhhm...protect the innocent. Here's a teaser though...

Above: Can you tell Steve's been working out?

On another note, Maria moved out last week which is a bummer. We've been living together for (almost) three years and seeing her room (almost) empty is like when Rachel moved out of her and Monica's apartment in Friends. "It's the end of an era!" - that is if you define an era as "a significant period of time which was fuelled by laughter, crying-over-Amazing-Race, singing, hiding-and-scaring, teasing-ugly-people-on-TV, pot-plant-death, expired-food and many, MANY bottles of wine". We miss you, Maria! *single tear*

Matt and I are off to Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia next week to visit our roots. By 'roots' I mean "Stay in luxury hotels and private beach resorts". This trip happily co-incides with Matt's 32nd (!) birthday on February 3rd, so don't forget to wish him a happy birthday while we're gone! :)

Song of the Day: "How Many Licks" - Lil Kim. I was on the treadmill today at the gym listening to that song and I *SO* wanted to pole dance.