Thursday, June 22, 2006

Where's the Party? I'll be turning the big(gish) THREE ONE in a couple of weeks and because I didn't get to have the big-drunken-party last year, I'm gonna have one this year! If you haven't received your invite yet it's probably because:

a) You live overseas, or
b) You live interstate, or
c) I don't have your email address, or
d) You're a blurker and I don't know you

If it's a) or b), sorry I can't really help you out with airfare to fly over for the party. I'm not P Diddy. :)

If it's c), leave your email address at the beep and I'll forward you the invite.

If it's d) and you're hot - come along and bring your hot friends!


Song of the Day: "No Diggity" - Blackstreet